11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (2024)

Cargo shorts for men are a must this summer–or any summer, for that matter! They’re comfortable, convenient, and go great with many different clothing styles.

The perfect shorts offer comfort, style, and freedom of movement for you to enjoy outdoor activities. Cargo shorts check all the boxes.

Regardless if you are dressing up for casual work or need a dependable pair for hanging out with friends around town or close to the beach, cargo shorts are versatile.

But there are lots of options around, and we don’t want you to waste time filtering to them. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best cargo shorts for men to wear this summer.

Take a peek and enjoy! You can surely find the look that suits you.

Our Favorite Best Cargo Shorts for Men

Explore different styles of cargo shorts including different colors and lengths. Whether you’re buying your first pair or are a connoisseur, you’ll find a pair that catches your eyes.

1.Lee Men’s Dungarees Wyoming Cargo Short

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (1)

If you are looking for casual everyday wear that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable then the Lee Men’s Wyoming Cargo Shorts is the best option. It is designed to reach just below the knee and it is quite roomy. These belted utility cargo shorts come in lots of colors and include nine pockets in all.

You get hand pockets, button-flap pockets, and cargo leg pockets. The two cargo pockets are placed on each leg. Made from 100% cotton, these shorts can be machine washed. Perfect for work and play!

Good to know: For taller men, the shorts may rise a bit just above the knee.

Available Colors: Ash Camo, Khaki, Bronze, Vapor, Black, Fern, Canyon, Caramel, White, Bungee Camo, Riviera, Riviera Allendale Plaid, Rock Salt, Acom Trek Plaid, Aero Anthracite Plaid, Alloy Oak Plaid, Aqua Windsor Plaid, Atkins Plaid, Black Natrona Plaid, Cadet Gray, Eclipse Lincoln Plaid, Gray Gilham Plaid, Gray Locust Plaid, Harrison Plaid, Hyde Plaid, Jonah Plaid, Khaki Monell Plaid, Khaki Vulcan Plaid, Mango Canopy Plaid, Maui Figaro Plaid, Parkway Plaid, Paseo Plaid, Red Vulcan Plaid, Riviera Lincoln Plaid, Riviera Miami Plaid, Vapor Figaro Plaid, Vapor Loramie Plaid, Waldo Plaid.

2.Match Men’s Twill Cargo Shorts

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (2)

The Match Twill Cargo Shorts is our second favorite choice. It is a lightweightpair made of 100 % cotton. This pair of loose fit shorts is available in 21 unique colors. It does not include a belt.

Casual in design, it’s a great choice for the beach or strolling around town. It can be hand washed or machine washed. The waistband consists of an internal drawstring and also external belt loops. There are also drawstrings on the shorts legs.

You get eight pockets in total. There are two big and two small cargo pockets placed on the legs plus the customary front and back pockets. Overall, these are breathable and comfortable shorts that are perfect for summer.

Good to know: The size may run two times smaller.

Available Colors: Dark Khaki, Dark Brown, Black Gray, Grayish Green, Blue, Brown, Khaki, Light Gray, Mud, Apricot, Black, Dark Gray, Army Green, Light Khaki, R-green, Light Brown, Army Yellow, Dark Green, Turquoise, Green, Classic Khaki, Indigo Blue, Bluish Green, Bluish Gray, Gray, Black

3. Unionbay Men’s Cordova Cargo Short

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (3)

The Unionbay Cordova Cargo Shorts is our third choice. It does not include belt loops to give you an adjustable fit. But instead, it has a matching belt which has a D-ring closure.

It has 14.25 inches inseam and offers more length that extends up to the bottom of the knee. These belted cargo shorts feature a pair of pockets on thefront and back. They also have cargo pockets on each side. Drawstrings on the legs provide a tighter fit.

Good to know: According to repeat customers, the quality of the material has somewhat decreased. Perhaps it’s because the brand outsourced their production.

Available Colors: Black Camo, Sand, Field, Satellite, White

4.Southpole Men’s Belted Ripstop Cargo Shorts

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (4)

The Southpole Belted Cargo Shorts have a 13.5 inches inseam and are made from a 100% cotton ripstop material. It is a favorite pair among tall men because of its extensive length.

It is available in 12 colors and has 6 pockets–two pockets each on front and back as well as two cargo pockets on the sides. Can you machine wash it? You bet!

Good to know: Men who are more than six feet tall like this pair since it reaches to the bottom of their knees.

Available Colors: Light Gray, Deep Khaki, Black, Charcoal, White, New Navy, Olive, Red, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Light Green, Lime.

5.Ochenta Men’s Cotton Cargo Shorts

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (5)

Ochenta Men’s Cotton Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Cargo Shorts are our fifth choice. Not least because they’re made of 100% cotton!

This pair uses a hook and eye closure and has a loose fit on the middle waist and also on the legs. Just wash and dry it and it’s ready to wear. Belt not included, but there are lots of colors to choose from.

Available Colors: Black, Khaki, Dark Gray, Soil Yellow, Army Green, Black, Army Green, Coffee, Orange Red, Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue, Khaki, Yellow, Green, Gray, Purple, Dark Blue, Army Green, Red, Army Green, Black, Camo, Dark Blue, Yellow, Blue, Coffee, Green, Retro Black, Retro Blue, Retro Green, Retro Red

6. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (6)

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short is our sixth choice. These shorts are 100% cotton and have a loose fit design. Wrangler is a well-known brand, and you can expect a quality product.

You get eight pockets in all, including four cargo pockets on the legs, one smaller and one larger on each. Slightly flared up seam makes this pair airy and comfortable and good for summer strolls.

Available in 7 different colors including Anthracite Twill, White Camo, and Camel.

7.Dickies 13 Inch Relaxed Fit Men’s Cargo Shorts

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (7)

Dickies Men’s 13 Inch Loose Fit Twill Cargo Shorts is our seventh choice. This pair is made of
65% polyester and 35% cotton and uses a hook and eye for its closure. It features roomier bellowed cargo pockets for your keys, tools, wallet, phone, and others. There’s no need to iron them because it is wrinkle-resistant and can be machine washed.

These shorts feature signature tunnel belt loops to give you extra belt support and fall right at the knee. This is an easy-care product which means that you only need to wash and dry it. It’s a smart-looking pair for everyday use.

Available Colors: Black, Desert Sand, Dark Navy.

8.Lee Men’s Big-Tall Dungarees Wyoming Cargo Short

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (8)

Some tall men love the style and material of Lee’s Wyoming Cargo Shorts, however, its standard sizes will not give them the right fit. This Big and Tall version is our eighth choice. This pair has an 11 inches inseam and is made from 100% cotton.

You get several cargo pockets on the sides and a D-ring belt. The fit is comfortable and you get quite a few colors to choose from.

Available Colors: Ash Como, Bronze, Khaki, Black, Vapor, Riviera, Black Natrona Plaid, Riviera Allendale Plaid, Alloy Oak Plaid

9.Leward Men’s Casual Cargo Shorts

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (9)

Leward Mens Casual Slim Fit Cargo Shorts is our ninth choice. It is fabricated from solid cotton and uses a zipper fly for its closure. These loose camouflage cargo shorts have multiple pockets including two cargo pockets on the sides.

This product is ideal for outdoor activities and any casual events. You can wear it every day for work. It is also great for hiking and hunting.

Available Colors: Black, Gary, Blue, Khaki.

10.Unionbay Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo Short

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (10)

Unionbay Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo Short is our tenth choice. This product is fabricated from 100% cotton. It uses a zipper fly with a button for its closure. It is a belted short that features unique topstitching.

There are multiple pockets including cargo flap pocketsand side zip pockets. It falls just above the knee with two deep pockets on the front.All things considered, it’s a good casual wear for your daily work and other outdoor activities.

Available Colors: Black, Desert, Grey Goose, True Navy, Dug Out, Golden Brown, Military, Prism, Rye, Stone, Black Camo.

11.Carhartt Rugged Cargo Short

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (11)

Fabricated from 100% cotton, Carhartt Rugged Cargo Shorts use a zipper and a button for its closure. You get large cargo pockets and and side zip pockets.

The design It falls just above the knee. You can wear it to any casual events oroutdoor activities. The rugged design makes it a good choice for home DIY project or contracting works.

Available Colors:Army Green, Dark Khaki, Gravel, Tan, Bluestone

Cargo Shorts and Style FAQ

Questions about cargo shorts? People are asking quite a few! We’ve bunched together the most frequently asked. Explore the answers below!

What are cargo shorts?

Cargo pants or cargo trousers are sometimes also called combat trousers (or combat pants). The design of the cargo pants or cargo trousers follows the design of loosely cut military pants which are originally designed for tough outdoor activities.

One or more cargo pockets are typically placed on the sides of the legs at the thigh level.

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (12)

Now an urban wear stable, cargo pants are comfortable and convenient, offering more storage space than most other pants.

The specially designed cargo pocket is typically a form of patch pocket with accordion folds to increase its carrying capacity when needed. It’s often closed by a flap secured by a snap, button, magnet, or Velcro.

These types of closures are common on battledress and hunting clothing. Some designs also have cargo pockets hidden within the legs.

Made of hard-wearing fabric and ruggedly stitched, cargo pants or cargo shorts now have variations made of cotton-synthetic blends, and also of quick-drying synthetic materials which often feature oversized belt loops to accommodate wide webbing belts.

Characteristically designed to allow ample and easy bending at the knee and hip, these shorts draw their strength and durability from their felled seams.

What shorts should guys wear?

When fitting for shorts, it’s crucial that it doesn’t go past your knees. The top of your kneecaps is the longest the hem of your shorts should be. At least that’s the classic rule.

However, this is a matter of personal preference, but for us here at Men’s Stylists, any man with shorts that go past his knees is just really stating his own fashion sense.

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (13)

The second most common mistake for guys is wearing shorts that are too wide at the bottom. Just like factory-manufactured pants, mass-produced shorts can be too wide through the leg.

You need to get your shorts tailored or pick the right pair carefully–unless you have thick legs that would fill most factory-manufactured shorts.

What you need to try to achieve is a nice gentle taper that follows the line of your body. It doesn’t have to be skin-tight, but fitted and comfortable.

The pair you choose should allow you to move around with a little wiggle room between the fabric and your skin. However, it should not be more than a couple of inches. What is most important is that your shorts should fit in the seat and crotch.

Got Your Pair Yet?

Cargo shorts are stylish and comfortable. You can wear them anytime at your work or doing outdoor activities.

They’re also excellent casual wear for any occasion and go great with loafers. You just need to choose your pair with taste and not settle for the first that comes your way.

Consider the length and width of the pant legs, the number and arrangement of the pockets, and whether adding a belt is a good idea.

And don’t forget that summertime is a fun time to try to lighten up your wardrobe. If you are planning to go to the beach this summer, choose some trendy swim shorts, and flip-flops too.

Now over to you. Which cargo shorts do you think are the coolest? Share with us your pick–we’re curious!

11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (14)

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11 Best Men's Cargo Shorts that fit Comfortably (2024)


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