AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (2024)

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (1)Anya McAnally
2023-12-27 15:20:50 GMT

We stopped by the day after Christmas, fully expecting it to be extremely busy and planning to just window shop and ask a couple of questions. However, the service was so great, we left with products in hand. Tina spent so much time with us making sure we got the deal we needed, and that our devices were working perfectly before we walked out the door. On a day when shopping can be stressful for both customer and employee, we had great conversation, lots of laughs, and the most excellent service. This is the reason why we drive 35 miles to visit this location!

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (2)Rossitsa Petrova
2024-03-10 18:47:16 GMT

You guys are just doing terrific. Your employee A*** (for the sake of privacy) at the AT&T location at 1255 E 2nd St, Edmond, OK 73034 really did her job well and did a thorough consultation, managing to get us what we needed while saving us money. She was also very patient.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (3)GossBoss Pool Service
2024-02-23 20:41:27 GMT

I visited this store because I smashed my phone into an estimated 200 pieces. 1st time doing this in 10 years. I was on the phone with a smart Aleck wanna be doctor whom I pay for service but get treated like it’s my only option. All I had was the phone and his irritating voice was coming out of it and smash. A rep got to me within 5 minutes, appreciated that I was in a hurry, and got me out of there within 20 minutes. It was refreshing and perfect. This is the only AT&T I will visit from here on. Thank you guys for the great help.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (4)gill
2023-12-07 22:11:17 GMT

The walk-in wait time was significantly long, but this is because the staff see through each client meeting to completion. When walking in, make sure to announce that you need an appointment. Shane helped us update our accounts and buy new phones, as well as set them up. He was friendly, concise, and did everything he could to find us more savings. He also attended to 2 other customers at the same time to expedite the waiting time after us while never neglecting the needs of any of his customers. Shane made what could have been a very stressful visit into a comfortable and efficient trip.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (5)Meagan Beeler
2024-01-10 23:01:39 GMT

Sunny was absolutely wonderful to work with! We came in with a million questions and we left feeling very confident with our visit. She was so kind and patient with us and would highly recommend her to anyone!

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (6)Sara Davidson
2023-11-19 21:57:04 GMT

Sunnie was very helpful setting up a new account. My husband had died & I shut down his phone. She made me aware of Internet Air & the savings & speed I would receive as opposed to my U-Verse. She knew the services to assist me, but was not aggressive with sales. Her supervisor, Charles, facilitated the documentation

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (7)Sherrie Appell
2023-10-09 21:34:44 GMT

Trey the employee went on beyond the line of duty to assist my husband in our Aviator with his new iPad and both of our pro max phones.
He assisted us with ordering the correct accessories and we were thrilled with his personality and knowledge.
He made our time quick and efficient.
Thanks to Trey we will go back to him when our phones are sent to us.
He said he would set them up.
He gave us his card, to call him first to make sure he was there.
Great employee, went the extra mile!!
Keep Trey and keep this for his file and bonus and raise time.
He’s the best one you have had in years.

One employee dresses like a clown and he screwed up my husbands phone years ago and humiliated me.
I will never forget that clown.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (8)Susan Pritchett
2024-02-24 20:54:24 GMT

Shane is excellent at his job and the Edwardsville AT&T. He is very helpful, explained everything to me and even helped me save some money on my monthly bill. I had a lot of old items I was paying for that I no longer use.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (9)lauren tollison
2023-10-21 18:17:32 GMT

My husband and I went in to the AT&T store on 2nd Street in Edmond, OK!! We literally had the most amazing experience ever. I have been to other stores in the past and by far this was the easiest, best experience at a phone store. We live in Piedmont and after our experience, this is the ONLY store I will go too. Completely worth the drive!! I will come here every time we need anything! Seriously the biggest THANK YOU to Brii!!! She was so helpful and knowledgeable about every question we had. Not only was she so helpful, she was kind and genuine and now days that is so hard to find. Girl, you were AMAZING!! Also, thank you Caleb, the store manager for your help as well! You’re running one heck of a store and it completely shows! Lauren, the assistant manager was also great too! You guys rock! I have already told some of my friends to come to this location! Great atmosphere and wonderful people!!

Lauren Stults

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (10)Josh Carey
2024-02-18 00:12:14 GMT

Joe spent a huge amount of time researching the problem w my connected car. I use the car wifi for work a lot. We couldn’t find the solution immediately but Joe kept working on it even after I left. He texted be as soon as he found the fix. Not even the corporate “expert” figured it out

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (11)Tabatha
2023-11-05 00:05:18 GMT

Brii is incredible! She was efficient, knowledgeable, and personable. She didn’t try to sell us anything we didn’t need and was wonderful to work with. We don’t live close to the store, but will make the trip anytime we need help just to see her.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (12)John Hill
2023-12-28 00:35:13 GMT

Brii goes above and beyond. We came in to get an upgrade for my youngest and left with that and solutions for our whole family. One was resolving a billing problem which required a bit of extra tenacity on her part which I, as a school teacher with very limited time, particularly and personally appreciate tremendously. Her time and attention to myself and my family will be remembered. Thank you again, Brii!

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (13)Ictzel Dumas
2024-03-11 20:39:42 GMT

Had a great experience at the AT&T store in Edwardsville with Jayla. Her patience and expertise spoke volumes.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (14)tony thornton
2023-09-17 21:32:34 GMT

I've had good experiences every single time I've visited, whether it was to buy a new phone or make an account change. Most recently, Charles expertly walked me through the best options for consolidating accounts and lines, and in the process he saved us $45 a month while upgrading our service.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (15)Micah Gillezeau
2022-10-02 17:25:27 GMT

Elba took phenomenal care of us. We had some less than desirable experiences with phone customer service, but Elba more than made up for it. She was able to resolve a very complicated issue for us. I was tempted to leave AT&T, but she secured my business.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (16)Matt Carney
2023-09-16 00:00:29 GMT

Jazlyn had her work cut out for her when we walked in to upgrade the whole family’s phones. She walked us through our options and patiently set everything up. Would highly recommend Jazlyn if you are looking to make any plan/phone changes.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (17)Maryam Ouechani
2023-10-21 22:28:17 GMT

Nick is an amazing AT&T employee. He is very knowledgeable about phones and plans. He also go above and beyond for customer. I could not recommend him enough.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (18)Beth Henry
2023-12-29 22:35:28 GMT

Trey was super nice and really helpful. He was not in a rush and went above and beyond to be sure my son had everything he needs. Highly recommend.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (19)Whitney Romine
2023-08-11 20:53:57 GMT

Brittanie was absolutely wonderful! I was so stressed because my son couldn't call me. Long story short she fixed the issue and saved the day. She's got fantastic people skills and really made me feel comfortable when I was full of anxiety.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (20)Johnny Beaver
2023-10-05 21:29:06 GMT

My family and I came to Edmond to visit our daughter who lives here. We wanted to check into swapping our phones from Verizon to AT&T. We’re so thankful that we had Shane as our representative as he did an awesome job of explanation and swamping our phones. Our only regret is that we live in Tennessee and Shane lives here. We would certainly use him again.

AT&T Store, Edmond Reviews | Mobile Phone Shop (2024)


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