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Formal Attire for Prom: Suits and Tuxedos - PromGirl (1)

Since there will be a ton of pictures taken on the night of prom, you’ll want to ensure that your formal prom attire is on point. Wearing a black-tie prom tuxedo or a formal prom suit is one way to establish your fashion savviness while achieving a dapper look. Ensuring your prom suit or tux matches your date’s prom dress or coordinates with your group will instantly take your look, and the pictures, to a whole new level. While what to wear to prom can vary depending upon your plans to attend prom solo, with a group of friends, or with your high school sweetheart, looking and feeling your best is key to having a great time.

If you are going with a date or a group of friends, ask their opinion on the matter of formal prom attire. Wearing a prom suit or tux that coordinates with a date’s prom dress or that matches the attire of people you are attending prom with is the perfect way to tell the room, “I am with them.” If you’ve opted to attend prom solo, your options for what to wear to prom are endless and can really highlight your personal style. Most important, you want to be comfortable and confident at prom, so wear the prom suit or prom tux that is best suited for you. Whether you’re looking for a tux or want to ensure that your date’s prom tux will match your formal prom attire, this section of the Prom Guide provides advice on how to select a prom suit or tux for prom that will achieve a polished look and coordinate well with a prom dress.

What Are the Parts of a Tuxedo for Prom?

The typical tuxedo is a five-piece formal suit, comprised of a jacket, a dress shirt, cumme*rbund or vest, bow tie or long tie, and pants. For the jacket, standard black is a crisp clean look that is flattering with any other accent colors. A silver or gray tux is a sleek and modern option. The shirt should be tailored to create a custom fit and can have traditional pleats or not, per personal preference. Shirt cuffs are usually either French or barrel style. Barrel cuffs are the traditional look that most people are experienced with in normal button-up dress shirts. French cuffs are folded back, creating a fancy double-layered look. Shirt collars can vary as well, but are usually dictated by the type of tuxedo selected. Wing-tipped or lay-down collars are the most common, with wing-tipped typically being the fancier of the two options.

When choosing a tie for prom, you can opt for the traditional bow tie or select a long necktie, as either is appropriate for prom. For cumme*rbund or vest, basic black is always in style and creates a cohesive look when paired with almost any color. Bow ties, long neckties, cumme*rbunds, and vests are now offered in a wide variety of color options to match the prom dress. A pocket square is another unique way to add a pop of color to the look, while maintaining an ultra-stylish formal vibe.

Last, but not least, are the shoes. Although not considered part of the tuxedo, they are definitely a necessity and can really set off your prom style. Typically, shiny black dress shoes are the most popular option for prom. However, fashion trendsetters can let their fashion savvy shine with a contemporary look, color, or style that highlights their vibrant personalities.

What Color Tux and Accessories Should I Wear to Prom?

Coordinating the tuxedo color and tux accessories is a sure-fire way to achieve a polished look for prom. Whether it’s matching the formal accessories to the tuxedo color or the color of a date’s prom dress, this simple step can make a world of difference in those prom pictures. Get a formal black-tie vibe by pairing a black bow tie, cumme*rbund, or low-cut vest with the classic look of a black tux and white shirt. For a fun, stylish vibe, add a pop of color with a unique bow tie, vest, or even pocket square. This is the perfect way to coordinate with a specific prom dress color and create a cohesive-looking couple. Whether choosing to match the accessories to the color of the tuxedo or to the color of a date’s prom dress, remember that a smile is always the best accessory one can wear.

Can Girls Wear a Tux to Prom?

Suits and tuxedos aren’t just for the boys anymore. Trendsetters have shown that anyone can sport a tux at prom. Today’s suits for women are incredibly stylish. Impeccably tailored and anything but basic, the modern trend of wearing a suit or tux to prom allows you the freedom to showcase your chic fashion style. A tuxedo for prom or a prom suit is easy to accessorize, decreases the risk of potential wardrobe malfunctions, and features pockets. And really, who doesn’t love pockets?

Should I Rent or Buy

Since you’re young and still growing, it’s best to rent a tux for prom. Be sure to visit the local formal attire rental store early so that you can reserve your prefered tuxedo or the color needed to match your date. Remember, the closer it gets to prom night, the fewer options you’ll have to choose from at the rental shop, so it’s best to be prepared and shop early. There are also several pros to renting a tuxedo for prom. You’ll be able to get all of the pieces for your prom attire in one place. From the essentials like the jacket, shirt, and pants, to details like ties and cufflinks, the convenience of one-stop shopping is hard to beat. Better yet, when prom is over, you just place all of the items back in the rental bag and return them, so there’s no need to even launder the garments!

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Formal Attire for Prom: Suits and Tuxedos - PromGirl (2024)


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