Harris County Inquiry (2024)

1. Harris County Court Records

  • County Court Records. Harris County Court - Civil Only. District Court Records. Harris County District Clerk - Civil, Criminal, and Family.

  • Home Court Records

2. City Jail Information - City of Houston

  • First you will need to visit the Harris County Jail website at https://www.harriscountyso.org/JailInfo/HCSO_FindSomeoneInJail.aspx or call the Houston Help Line ...

  • > Municipal Courts > City Jail Information

3. Harris County Inmate Search

  • Using Harris County public information inquiry and District & County criminal records search, you can find out if someone is in jail.

  • Harris County inmate search online, locate an inmate in Harris County jail, or contact the sheriff's office.

4. Harris County Sheriff Inmate Inquiry

5. Harris County Criminal and Public Records - SearchSystems.net

  • Use this Harris County Justice Information Management System service to search for defendant offenses by offense / incident number, SPN, case type, or cause ...

  • Harris County, Texas Records. search for Harris public records, county court records, inmate records, births, deaths, marriages, property records, find people and genealogy resources.

6. Inmate Inquiry - Galveston County Sheriff's Office P2C

  • 0, ABBRUZZESE, DAN ROBERT (W /M/44), ABBRUZZESE, DAN, ROBERT, White, Male, 44, THEFT PROP <$2,500 2/MORE PREV CONV, 11/01/2023 ...

7. Inmate Inquiry - P2C

  • 0, ARGUETA-PELICO, PATRICIO (W /M/48), ARGUETA-PELICO, PATRICIO, White, Male, 48, WARRANT - WBPD - CAPIAS, 01/09/2024, Webster Police ...

8. Inmate Inquiry - Pearland Police Department P2C

  • 0, CREWS, JAMAL TYREK (B /M/27), CREWS, JAMAL, TYREK, Black Or African American, Male, 27, THEFT PROP >=$100<$750 MB, 01/10/2024, Pearland Police Department.

9. Inmate Search - Paulding County

  • Paulding County Sheriff Inmate Inquiry. Inmate Search. Name; Subject Number; Booking Number; In Custody; Booking From Date ... Booking To Date ... Housing ...

  • Paulding County Sheriff Inmate Inquiry

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10. Harris County Flood Control District

  • Send us your comments and questions, sign up for news and alerts, report an issue, request service, or just let us know how we're doing. General Inquiries ...

  • General Inquiries

11. Inmate Search

  • Inmate Inquiry. Inmate Search. Name; Subject Number; Booking Number; In Custody; Booking From Date ... Booking To Date ... Housing Facility. Delaware County ...

12. Biden impeachment inquiry, mental health, Harris County attorney ...

  • Oct 1, 2023 · Biden impeachment inquiry, mental health, Harris County attorney discusses future, and more on Houston Newsmakers · Khambrel Marshall discusses ...

  • Khambrel Marshall discusses President Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry.

13. Harris County Arrest, Court, and Public Records | StateRecords.org

  • Austin, TX 78765-4143. Attn: Criminal History Inquiry Unit. How to Find Harris County Sex Offender Information. The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) ...

  • Search Harris County Records. Find Harris County arrest, court, criminal, inmate, divorce, phone, address, bankruptcy, sex offender, property, and other public records.

14. Buchanan County Sheriff's Dept Inmate Inquiry

  • Buchanan County Sheriff's Dept Inmate Inquiry. Inmate Search. Name; Subject Number; Booking Number; In Custody; Booking From Date ... Booking To Date ...

15. Rapides Parish Inmate Inquiry

  • Harris, Angela Marie, 517028, Black, Female. Hector, Raven, 540682, Yes, Black, Male, Rapides Parish Detention Center. Horn, Terrance Jow'aun, 33017, Black ...

16. Inmate Inquiry - Forsyth County Sheriff's Office P2C

  • DAMENTRICE, Black, Male, 23, PAROLE VIOLATION, 01/08/2024, Forsyth County Sheriff Office. 1, ABU-DAMES, MAHMOUD MAZEN (W /M/24), ABU-DAMES ...

17. Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Jail Public Information Inquiry

  • The following information is an automatic report produced by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office database system. The persons identified have been ...

  • The following information is an automatic report produced by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office database system. The persons identified have been arrested, but have not been convicted and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, this information is provided without warranties, expressed or implied, concerning its accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office assumes no liability for any use or misuse of this information. By using this information, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these terms of use. All persons who are booked into the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility require processing, which takes approximately four (4) hours from the booking time before our bonding office is able to confirm any information. Please consider this time frame and process prior to calling for any information. For questions or concerns please contact (281) 341-4735

18. Inmate Search | Clayton County, Georgia

  • Clayton County Government is Hiring Motivated, Energetic People! View Available Career Opportunities.

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Harris County Inquiry (2024)


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