How to Link Your whop to a Discord Server (2024)

Whop and Discord are both incredible platforms for creating and managing online communities and sharing content. One of the biggest differences between the two platforms is that Whop allows its users to create their own modular internet hubs - called whops - and sell access to them. Whops can be transformed into all kinds of platforms by using apps like Chat, which allows you to create chat rooms, Courses to provide online courses, and Sports App to sell access to sports picks.

One of those apps is the Discord app, which lets you connect your whop to your Discord server, allowing you to sell memberships to your server. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at what whop apps are, how you can use the Discord app to connect the two platforms, and all the details about the process.

What are Whop Apps?

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Every app has its own features - for example, WhatsApp has voice and video calls, Discord has powerful chat rooms and threads, and Coursera has courses and forums. Now, think of those features as modules, and you have a modular platform with basically nothing in it. You start with a blank canvas and select which modules (features) you want to add to your platform. Do you want to create a platform where you can create courses and have video calls at the same time? You can do that with Whop.

Whop apps are exactly that, modules. When you first create your whop, there will be nothing in it. Once you start adding apps like Chat, Courses, Forums, Content, Website Embed, and more, it will transform into the platform of your dreams. The biggest advantage of this is that you’ll only add the features you need, nothing more. This way, you can create a personalized platform without bloat, which will make your whop easy to use.

Of course, the examples we mentioned above are just a few apps among many that are available on whop. One of the apps we didn’t mention is the Discord app - let’s take a look at what it is and what it does.

What is the Discord App on Whop?

Discord is one of the most popular social messaging apps. Using the Discord app on your whop, you can connect the two platforms. This is especially useful if you want to monetize your Discord server.

The Discord app essentially prompts your whop members to connect their Discord accounts to their Whop accounts, and then allows them to join your server.

This is a very superficial explanation of the app. It has features like monetizing the app access, therefore monetizing your Discord server, assigning roles based on the whop product the user obtains, managing the users based on their subscription status, and more.

Adding the Discord App to Your whop

Setting up the Discord app in your whop is really easy, but we’re still going to go over every single step together. Before starting, you need to have two things: a whop and a Discord server of your own. You can check out our guides on creating your own whop and Discord server if you don’t already have those two. If you’re good to go, let’s add the Discord app to our whop first.

The first step in adding any app to your whop is navigating into the Add apps section. You can go to that section by clicking on the Add apps button under the Admin Area of your whop.

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After clicking the Add apps button, you’ll be directed to the list of all apps that are available to add on Whop. Scroll down a bit until you find the Discord app, and click on its Add app button. After clicking it, you’ll be directed to the Discord app’s Set up section.

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There are at least three sections of all whop apps: Set up, Preview as user, and Access. As their name suggests, the Set up section is where you will adjust how the app works, the Preview as user section is where you can see how members of your whop will see the app, and the Access section is where you determine how users can access your server. Let’s examine each one in detail.

1: Set Up

When you first add the app to your whop, you’ll be prompted to connect your whop to your Discord. This means adding the Whop Bot to your server. Click the Connect Discord button to continue.

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When you click the Connect Discord button, you’ll be directed into Discord and prompted to invite the bot to your server. Select your server from the dropdown list under the “Add to server:” section and click Continue to proceed.

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The next step is to grant permission to the Whop Discord bot to work properly. It’s safe to grant all the permissions the bot needs - click the Authorize button to proceed.

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After you add any bot to a Discord server, it will create a role for itself with all the permissions it requested in the step above.

Now, if you look at your whop, you’ll see a “Something went wrong…” message. This happens because the role the bot created for itself is at the bottom of the role hierarchy of your server, meaning that it won’t be able to assign roles, manage members, etc., to the roles above it.

As you can see, the Discord app on your whop will ask you to fix the order of roles in order for it to work as expected.

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To fix this issue, let’s go back to Discord and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the server name at the top of your channel list to open the server context menu and select the Server Settings there.
  2. In the server settings, navigate to the Roles section and drag the Whop Bot role (by the six-dot button to its left) to the top of the role hierarchy.
  3. Click the Save Changes button to finalize the process.

After you’ve fixed the role hierarchy, let’s go back to whop.



Once you’re back to your whop, click on the Refetch roles buttons at the top right of your screen. This will make the Whop Bot take a look at the role hierarchy and see if it’s correct.

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If you’ve successfully moved the Whop Bot role to the top of the hierarchy at Discord, you will see all the roles listed after the refetch. Now, before learning what to do on this screen, let’s talk about the usage of the Discord app so there is no confusion.

When a member of your whop opens the Discord app, they will be prompted to “claim access to your server.” We will get into the details of this in the next step. Usually, there are two ways a user can access apps on whops. The first one is if you set the app’s access to free, and the other one is paid/private, which requires the user to obtain a product. For the Discord app, however, you can only let users access the app by obtaining a product. If this all sounds a bit complex, don’t worry - you’re going to learn everything about access and products in section 3. Access.

Now, let’s get back to what you see on the screen. Clicking the Add role button next to a role will include the role in the Discord app’s access. When a user claims access to your server, the Whop Bot will automatically give that role to them.



As you might’ve noticed, we’ve been talking about everything under the Roles tab of the Set up section on the Discord app - but you can see another tab called Settings, too. Let’s click on it.

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Under the Settings tab, there are four different settings. Let’s take a look at each:

  • Discord server: Under this setting, you can see which Discord server the app is connected to. You can click the Disconnect button to change the server.
  • Event log channel: When you click the Add Channel button under this setting, you can select a channel where the Whop Bot will keep logs of everything that’s happening related to the Discord app, user access, user roles, and more.
  • Assign this role after past due bill: If you want the Whop Bot to assign users a different role when their bill is past due, you can use the Select Role button.
  • Cancellation actions: Now, when a user cancels their subscription to a product that gives access to your Discord app (we will get into what products are in section 3. Access) or revokes their membership from your whop, the Whop Bot can take action against them. In this setting, you can select whether you want the bot to:
    • No Action: Don’t do anything.
    • Remove Role: Remove the role that you’ve selected in the Roles tab.
    • Kick User: Remove the user from the server.
    • Remove All Roles: Remove every single role that the user has in your server.
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All right, you now know how everything works in the Set up section of the Discord app. It's time to move on to other sections.

2: Preview as User

Remember when we said, “When a member of your whop opens the Discord app, they will be prompted to ‘claim access to your server.’” in the section above? Let’s talk about it.

In the Preview as User section of your Discord app, you can see how regular members of your whop will see the Discord app. First, they will be prompted to connect a Discord account to their Whop account, and then, they will see the screen below. They can select which Discord account they want to claim access with and join the server by clicking on the Claim Access button.

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3: Access

If you’ve made it this far, you’re doing great. It’s time to take a look at all of the products and access levels we’ve been mentioning so far.

As you know, using apps, whops can be made into any type of platform. You can create communities, courses, friend groups, and anything you can imagine. These can be either public, paid/private, or hybrid platforms. Let’s take Discord as an example. Discord servers are either public, which means the owner shares the invite link with people on the internet, or they could be private, which means the invite link isn’t shared anywhere, and the owner wants to keep the server closed to the public. Private servers on Discord are a large majority.

The same can be said for whops - they can be public or private. But what determines that? Products.

You can think of products as tickets into the whop or its apps. You can make some of your apps public, which means everyone on the internet will be able to see them, and some paid/private, which means only users with a certain paid product can access them. Similarly, products can be free or paid, too. You also have the option to make the paid products a single payment or a subscription.


Apps are modules that you add to your whop. They can either be free or paid. A paid app will require the user to obtain a product.

Products are tickets to your apps and your whop. They can either be free or paid. Obtaining them will let users access the linked apps.

Let’s see how you can link the Discord app to a product. After all, the Discord app can’t be public - it needs to be linked with a product, meaning that only users with products can access it.

In the Access tab, you will see the Paid/Private option selected, and it will list all the products on your whop. You’ll be prompted to create one if you don’t already have any. You can do so by clicking on the Create Product button and following the steps.

If you want to learn everything about creating a product, check out our guide on Whop Products.

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After creating a product, you’ll see that it will be listed in the Access section of the Discord app. You can click on the toggle button next to the product to link it with the Discord app. This means that when a user obtains that product, they will be able to see and use the Discord app - in other terms, they will be able to join your Discord server.

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You can link more than one product to your Discord app. This allows you to make different products with different app access and prices and let them all give access to your Discord server - providing your potential customers with more options to choose from.

Time to Earn Money by Monetizing Your Whop or Your Discord Server

Now you know how you can add apps to your whop, how you can link your whop to Discord, and how you can paywall them. You can now monetize your content on your whop or your Discord server and start selling access to them on Whop.

It takes less than 10 minutes to get started, and you can use tools that Whop offers, like comprehensive dashboards, an easy-to-use platform, and 24/7 help so you can nourish your product. Link Discord to your whop today and start making money online.

Join Whop Today

How to Link Your whop to a Discord Server (2024)


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