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  • There you can pay any fines in person. Remember to get a receipt and confirmation of payment as proof your name is cleared. To the right is a list of Municipal ...

  • Search Texas Warrants and Avoid Getting Caught in the Texas Warrant Roundup. - The Authoritative and Informational Site on Texas Arrest Warrants.

2. Pay Warrants Online - Travis County

  • Welcome to the official website of Travis County, Texas.

3. FAQs • If I want to pay for my warrants, what are my payment

  • Municipal Court - Warrants · Online via our Payment Portal · Phone: 833-259-4014 · By mail or in person at: Texas City Municipal Court of Record 004 9th Avenue ...

  • Contact Us

4. Warrant Payments - Travis County

  • Pay in person by cash, money order, or credit card: Come by our offices at 10409 Burnet Road, Suite 150, Austin TX 78758. Regular office hours are Monday ...

  • Welcome to the official website of Travis County, Texas.

5. Texas Department of Public Safety

  • Welcome · Search · FAQ · Español

  • This site contains information on violators who have been reported by Texas cities and counties in accordance with Chapter 706 of the Texas Transportation Code. If you have been reported to the program, you will not be able to renew your Texas driver license until the reported violation is resolved with the reporting court.

6. Court & Detention Services Pay Your Ticket - City of Dallas

  • Online is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. You may pay by debit card or credit card. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. A convenience fee will be ...

  • ​Resolve Your Citation The Dallas Municipal Court provides various options for you to pay for your citation. See below for options on paying online, by phone, at a select retail store, by mail, in-person, and payment plans. I understand that payment of fine and costs will result in a waiver of a jury trial. A finding of guilty may be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety in accordance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Art. 27.14 (c). I also understand that I waive the right to receive discovery from the State, Art. 39.14. ' + option.contents + ''; return html; } function openOption(){ if($("#" + optionID).length == 0) setTimeout(openOption, 500); $('#' + optionID + ' button').click(); document.getElementById(optionID).scrollIntoView({behavior: "smooth", block: "start", inline: "nearest"}); } Payment Options

7. Court Payments - the City of Fort Worth

8. Pay Your Fees or Fines | Randall County, TX

  • Pay Your Fees or Fines. Failure to pay to the correct court may result in additional cost and/or a warrant to be issued for your arrest. Select the correct ...

  • Find out how to pay your fees or fines online.

9. Fines and Payments | Bexar County, TX - Official Website

  • If paying by mail, send a money order or cashier's check payable to the JP precinct number indicated on your ticket, and mail it with the return reply form and ...

  • You must send payment to, or appear at, the exact JP precinct and place number indicated on your ticket on or before the specified court date and time. Due to limited courtroom seating, crowded waiting areas and long service lines, please do not bring small children to court.

10. Pay Fines | Hidalgo County, TX - Official Website

  • Remember to enter complete cause number, including dashes. There will be a $2.50 processing fee for every $100 paid through this website.

  • Pay Fines

11. Debt Collection Scams | Office of the Attorney General

  • They Insist You Pay Right Now. Real debt collectors will often try to get payment quickly, but if your collector is being very pushy, you should be suspicious.

  • Scammers are posing as legitimate debt collectors—threatening Texans with debt they do not owe. Their tactics can be very intimidating. Learn how to spot and avoid these false debt threats. How Debt Collection Scams Work It's very simple: Someone contacts you — often by phone, but also by text message, fax, mail or email — and claims that you owe a debt. The debt may be completely fake, canceled, discharged, forgiven or beyond the period for collection.

12. Find / Pay Tickets | Midland County, TX

  • If you are paying your citation in full, online, with a credit card, you can pay that now. Please remember if you pay online you will be charged a 5% ...

  • Learn about how to find and pay for tickets.

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13. Online Payment Terms | Brazos County, TX - Official Website

  • Welcome to the Brazos County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Online Payment · You must have a cause number to make an online payment. · Debit and credit card ...


14. Citation Payment Options | Vernon, TX - Official Website

  • Paying Your Fine. You may pay the fine and court costs for the violation(s) you are charged with. Methods of payments are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, ...

  • You may pay the fine and court costs for the violation(s) you are charged with. Methods of payments are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Cashier's Check, money orders, or cash. If paying by credit card, call the municipal court at 940.552.2058.

15. Online Fine Payments | Denton County, TX

  • FEES · $3.50 Online Payments Fee · 2.95% Convenience Fee ($1 minimum). ONLINE PAYMENT PORTAL. Get Started Here · Visa MasterCard Discover Logo.

  • You may pay your fine in full or, if you are on a current payment plan, you may make partial payments.

16. Payment Options - Municipal Court - City of Beaumont, Texas

  • Find out available payment options for Beaumont Municipal Court fines.

17. Justice of The Peace - Sterling County Texas

  • Sterling County Texas ... Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8a.m.- 4:30p.m. Friday 8a.m.- 2p.m. ... How to find us. ... How to reach us.

  • Judge Stacy Dyer Clerk Melinda Martinez

18. Taking Care of Your Ticket | Royse City, TX

  • Appearances in Person or by Mail / Driving Safety Requests, Payment Plans. You may pay your citation in person or via mail. Whether you have to appear in person ...

  • Once a citation is issued, you must file your initial appearance in person, via mail, or by counsel on or before the 15th day from the issue date.

19. Wharton Municipal Court

  • Expired Registration · Defective Equipment · Failure to present Driver's License · Insurance Ticket · Request Additional Time to Pay.

  • Wharton Municipal Court

20. Court Collections/Court Fines | Ellis County, TX Official Website

  • Payment by phone is accepted when you pay by credit card. Call the County Clerk's Office at 972-825-5081 or 972-825-5082 to make your credit card payment ...

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21. Resolving Your Violation - CITY OF RHOME, TX

  • If you do not pay the "late" fee to the DMV, the court cannot dismiss your violation as "Compliance Dismissal". ALTERNATIVES TO FULL PAYMENT : Time Payment Plan ...

  • ****  If you need information about a new citation, please read the information document the officer gave you with your citation.  That document is very important.  You need to select one plea option PER violation, completely fill out the lowest portion of the form, and submit that original form with your original citation back to the court not later than the 20th day from the date of your citation.  (That date is shown in the "Court Information" section in the center of your citation.)****  To find out the amount of your fine, you can go online You can also look on the Rhome Municipal Court website, click on the sub-tab "F.A.Q." (Frequently Asked Questions), and scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of the most common violations/fine amounts. I am still updating the list so if you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me.                         My email is:                        Phone to leave voice message:    817-636-2333     2024 GREAT TEXAS WARRANT ROUNDUPWHAT IS THE WARRANT ROUND UP?Law enforcement agencies statewide are joining forces from February 23rd through mid-Aprilfor the "Great Texas Warrant Roundup 2024".If you have active arrest warrants on old, unpaid citations, you’ve likely been notified, via mail or telephone from Graves Humphries Stahl LTD for collections purposes on behalf of this court regarding...

22. How to Clear Your Warrant | Plano, TX - Official Website

  • Fine Payment Information · Extension to Pay Fine · Handle Your Citations · Offenses and Fines · Juror Information · Juror Qualifications & Exemptions · Juror ...

  • Take steps to clear your warrant with these instructions.

23. Warrant Payments | McLennan County, TX

  • Contact Us · John Johnson. Precinct 2 Constable. More Information · Precinct 2. Physical Address View Map 929 Elm Street Kelly Napier Justice Center Waco, TX ...

  • Learn how to make warrant payments.

Paytexaswarrant (2024)


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