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Julie Peterson, 62, died unexpectedly Friday, June 28, 2024, at her home in Robinson, ND, after a recent cancer diagnosis.

Julie Ann Gussiaas was born Feb. 28, 1962, in Carrington, the second of Luverne and Beatrice (Heintz) Gussiaas’ five children. She was raised on the family farm northeast of Carrington. She graduated from Carrington High School in 1980 and attended Capital Commercial Business College in Bismarck.

Julie married her high school sweetheart, Keith Peterson, on Sept. 18, 1982, in Carrington. They lived in Colorado and Utah, following Keith’s linework before moving to Robinson in 1984 with their infant son, Dustin. Julie made it clear Robinson was another temporary stop on the road leading back home to Carrington. “Two years,” she compromised. Darin followed a few years later, and Nellie completed the family in 1989. Julie and Keith raised their kids alongside other young Robinson families, and two years in Robinson happily turned into 40.

Julie’s house was the neighborhood hub of activity. There were always kids around, playing baseball outside on the field Keith made or shooting hoops in Julie’s living room where the basketball hoop hung. She ran an in-home day care for 15 years, even bringing the last neighborhood baby with her to work at an auto diesel repair, when she closed the business in the 1990s. Her home was a safe and fun place for kids.

No one went hungry at Julie’s house. She learned early in Robinson how to stock her fridges, freezers and pantry like a grocery store. She was a tremendous cook and was always making a meal for others – for a benefit or funeral, for a new mom or recent widow, and always for her family. Favorites included her chicken and rice, red steak and seasoned pretzels.

Julie enjoyed flower gardening, hosting and event planning. She was an organizer of people, resources and community. Whether a soup and sandwich fundraiser at work, a luncheon at church, her kids’ weddings and home projects, a trip with her girlfriends, or the countless events for which she volunteered, Julie knew how to plan, organize and get things done. Or she knew someone who knew someone. Julie could rally volunteers who paid it forward from a kindness she had previously extended herself. And she missed her calling as a salesman. She could sell a cape to Superman, but only if it meant using her powers for good, for another’s benefit.

She cared about her community and desired to help people. For the past 21 years, she worked for the Kidder County Ambulance. Following the loss of her husband to cancer in 2011, Julie was one of six area women who started the Kidder County Angels, a nonprofit which provides gas vouchers to local people battling chronic illnesses.

She maintained a close group of girlfriends since grade school, but adopted a gaggle of friends throughout her life, in Robinson and Steele. They traveled together, laughed together and cried together.

Nothing meant more to Julie than her family. She raised her three children to be best friends, kind, giving and accepting of others. She was proud of them and protective of them. While only Dustin, Darin and Nellie were blessed to call her “Mom,” Julie was a mom to all. She treated her daughters- and son-in-law like her own, was a motherly figure for her siblings and looked out for people like only a mom could. Her grandkids were the loves of her life. Grandma Jules was the treasure of theirs.

She celebrated our wins and loved us through our mistakes. She always had our backs. She was our rock.

Julie will be eternally missed and loved by her children, Dustin (Kristin), Robinson, Darin (Cally), Steele, and Nellie (Mike) Wachter, Steele; grandchildren, Dylan and Everett Peterson, Robinson, and Owen and Kylie Wachter, Steele; siblings, Janel (Rick) Harrington, Mike (Stacey) Gussiaas and Joel (Marvae) Gussiaas, all of Carrington, and Becki Wolf, Steele; sister-in-law, Cheryl Peterson, Carrington; and many nieces, nephews and extended family members.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Keith; parents, Luverne and Beatrice Gussiaas; parents-in-law, Ray and Lois Peterson; and nephew, Jarett Wolf.

Cancer knew it didn’t stand a chance against Julie, so it didn’t give her the time to fight. So, take the family picture. Make dinner for your family. Sit together and enjoy the company of others. Be kind. And always, always take care of each other.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to the Kidder County Angels or the Kidder County Swimming Pool.

Visitation: Tuesday, July 2, 2024 4:00PM – 6:00PM, with a Rosary & Vigil Service beginning at 6:00PM, all at St Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Steele, ND

Funeral Service: Wednesday, July 3, 2024 10:00AM at St Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Steele, ND

Burial: Bethany Cemetery, Robinson, ND

Peterson, Julie - Evans Funeral Homes | Located in Carrington, ND and New Rockford, ND (2024)


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