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CharleneDallas, TX

Customer Service

Reviewed April 25, 2024

My AT&T internet went out last night 4/24, called to see if I could get help, was told by automated call no help till 8am. At first they stated 4/25 7pm service will be restored then another text said 5/3 7pm. Why do I have to wait a week? A billion $ company should have everything in order. You all wants your payment on time and also I pay $90 a month for your Directv streaming service. Do I get that money back? No. You all come up with all excuses not to give back money because of your LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY TO US

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CalvinBrandon, MS

Customer Service

Reviewed April 10, 2024

I live in a rural subdivision and the only ISP in our area is crappy Hughesnet or crappy AT&T. Neither companies are interested in customer satisfaction because they know we are isolated and they have our backs against the wall. AT&T has all but said there are not going to incur a construction cost. I currently have crappy AT&T’s DSL service which they no longer support so when we have issues we are not on a priority list. We have been down as long as 2 months in the past. The pedestal even have a rat infestation (per the tech) and the copper wires were eaten through.

During one of my many outages, the tech support person wanted me to by another phone and use that as a hotspot. This company is so big they don’t care about customer satisfaction, after all what choice do we have? My speed test shows I am getting 3-5 mbps download. This is so antiquated! I really hate the lack of service we have. It’s a simple fixed without construction. Set up a WIFI scenario and place a receiver in each home that connects to a setup box in the home. It’s so simple!!!

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Top 3,820 Reviews From Legit AT&T Internet Buyers (1)

BrendaCleveland, OH

Contract & TermsPriceStaff

Reviewed April 5, 2024

I had the 1 gig AT&T fiber optic internet and my speed did not even come close to 1/2 the speed. Now after contract is up they want to charge an arm and leg for their mediocre service. They had me on CHAT for over 16 hours and when they did get to me, I fell asleep. Then, the next morning I contacted them again and got the BIG RUN AROUND! Wasted my day talking to these greedy people. I wish I knew how to upload the conversation so everyone could see the amount of time I wasted on this service.

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Top 3,820 Reviews From Legit AT&T Internet Buyers (2)

BillLouisville, KY

Installation & Setup

Reviewed March 25, 2024

Had home internet installed back in February. Installers left a mess of wires, an unsecured connection box by the street. Now my internet is down because of connection issues. With all the negative reviews it is absolutely amazing how the CEO keeps his job!!! Terrible follow-up by any and all management!!!

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LisaCharleston, SC

Installation & Setup

Reviewed March 23, 2024

Crappy and they steal money over and above what they should be charging. I finally paid $145 to go through my checking and am drafting a letter to the FCC. $280 one month $120 the next. It’s supposed to be $89. Free phones? Ours will be paid off in October after 3 years and no showing what they did or paid for our trade-ins. The whole thing was a setup had internet installed townhouse was already wired etc. Supervisor came in to “help” with internet installation with 2 free phones and promises of great prices! Scam.

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SarahOlathe, KS

Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed March 7, 2024

Banged aggressively on door and then also immediately rang the doorbell. Zero politeness. No explanation for their presence just immediately into asking me about my internet. When I said it wasn't interested, were very rude. I will absolutely never do business ever again with this company. Had no opinion about them before this interaction. Would probably have considered them if they just sent a flyer instead of obnoxious salespeople.

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Top 3,820 Reviews From Legit AT&T Internet Buyers (3)

RobertBrentwood, CA

Sales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed March 7, 2024

Their door to door sales people ignored our no soliciting signs and rang our door bell even though we had a sign on that too. We have an injured dog who re-injured himself because of their aggressive door to door harassment in our neighborhood.

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AbhishekCenterton, AR

Reviewed March 4, 2024

I cancelled my AT&T internet subscription in September 2021. However, to my dismay, I continued to receive bills for October and November despite not using their service during that time. Even more frustrating was the fact that AT&T sent debt collectors after me for payment, despite the bills being erroneous. This experience has been incredibly frustrating and disappointing. I hope AT&T addresses these issues promptly to avoid similar situations for other customers.

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Chen HongYukon, OK

Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupCoveragePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed March 2, 2024

We switch home internet from T-Mobile to AT&T home internet. They sent someone to install the internet. We selected a location will work good for us but the installer said no because the wall in between will block the internet signal, he told us that is best to install in our kitchen. He work on installation for 3 hours and took a lunch break. After an hour lunch break he then finish installing the internet. After that he asked if he can sit on hour drive for 2 more hours so he don’t have to get call in for other work. The installation didn’t work because the signal only cover half of the house, half of the house don’t get signal. They then sent out second installer after a week later and he told us we can install at the location that we choose on the 1st place and after the installation it work great.

We switch company because of the promotion of free internet trial for 3 months plus gift card. We never received the gift card. Then after 2 months they start billing us. We called them explaining the offer we received so they will take care of the bill. By the end of the month they cut off the service charge us late fees, monthly fees and fees to reconnect. We called and explained again, they said the will fixed. But the same thing happen every month, on top of it they also told us the automatic draft payment will take couple of billing cycle to kick in so we have continue making payment online our self.

After they told us it will start automatic payment then it didn’t happen, we get charge late payment, reconnect fees, monthly fees plus the months suppose to be free, 6 months into it this, two calls a month to explain what happen with the bills, we finally have enough of this mess and we switch to other company. This is absolutely the worst experience we have with internet. We called to cancel the internet but then they sent us a new internet receiver. We brought two internet receive to the store and they don’t even take their equipment back, you have take it to UPS store to mail it back. What a joke.

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JimmySaint Augustine, FL

Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Feb. 25, 2024

I have had terrible experience with their customer service. I would give no stars if that was an option. On December 2023, I called to state that I wasn't going to be able to pay their $80 dollars per month, the rep forwarded the call to her supervisor who stated that they would only charge $55 dollars from that point on. I had to move and when it came time to close the account several months later, I realize that they were still charging the $80 dollars. I called the 1st week of February to disconnect the service asking the rep when my billing period ends so that I would not have to pay extra and she informed me that it was on February 20th, 2024. I also mentioned that they had never changed my bill back to the $55 dollars and she stated that it was because that plan was no longer available in my area. Something I was never told after speaking with that 1st rep.

She states she is going to change the plan to $65 dollars per month and back date it so that I can get credits for the prior months. I start receiving text messages reminding me of the cancellation of service and that I was going to get billed $150 dollars for not returning the equipment. I called on February 12th to complain about the numerous text messages about being charged the $150 dollars and the rep told me that the 1st rep I spoke to mistakenly placed the wrong date for cancellation and to disregard the text messages. She said that I would not be charged. I call again on February 19th and ask to speak to a supervisor as I get a message that my account will be charged $150 on that day for not returning the equipment.

I explain to Mark, the supervisor, employee ID # **, that I have also been charged $80 dollars per month regardless of the fact that one supervisor had told me that it would be $55 dollars and another said it would be $65 dollars. I asked him to credit my account on that day to which he replied "that's not going to happen" in a condescending manner. I let him know that that was no way to treat a customer to which he replied "I'm just setting your expectations", I've worked in customer service for over 30 years and I would NEVER speak to a customer in that way. At that point I had had it. I asked him to back date my service to $55 dollars per month from the 1st date I called and to confirm that I would no longer receive text messages from ATT that I would be charged the $150 dollar cancellation. He cuts me off and says that those are Spam texts that I am receiving. I blew my top!!

I told him that the previous supervisor had acknowledged the texts were from ATT and for me to ignore them. I asked to speak to his manager multiple times to which he stated that he did not have anyone to escalate the call to. He was the only level of management there. I asked again to be transferred and he hung up my call. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE!! I will NEVER have any ATT service and have told my family and friends about this encounter. I will continue to spread the word to let everyone know not to deal with ATT in any way. To top it off, I check my account and it says that I only have a credit of $41 dollars, not $100 which Mike stated. PATHETIC!!!

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AT&T Internet author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

AT&T Uverse Internet service is provided by AT&T, one of the oldest utility companies in the United States. With over 10,000 patents and nationwide coverage, AT&T offers various Internet, telephone and satellite options to customers all over the country.

  • Online orders: Customers can order services directly from the AT&T Uverse website. Available options are based on zip code and street address.

  • 24/7 support: Uverse technical support is available 24 hours a day via telephone, and live chat is available via the AT&T website.

  • Reliability: Users get a dedicated line with steady services and little variability in speed, even during the busy evening hours.

  • Easy switch: Moving from another company to AT&T is simple and quick as the company offers coverage to the majority of U.S. addresses.

  • On the go mobile viewing: Subscribers can download the Uverse app to view live or recorded TV straight from their mobile devices.

Top 3,820 Reviews From Legit AT&T Internet Buyers (4)

by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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Top 3,820 Reviews From Legit AT&T Internet Buyers (2024)


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